Driver backup software with an appealing user interface


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Appealing interface. Presents list of installed drivers in an organized way.
No options to select only third party drivers. Generates folder names based on hardware IDs. Has to be exited from tray to fully close it.

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SlimDrivers has a modern and attractive user interface, which is quite appealing. For backup and restoration, it provides a driver list, which is very similar to the list seen in Device Manager. SlimDrivers is a gold certified partner of Microsoft, so maybe that was expected. However, SlimDrivers does not have the option to select non-Windows drivers, or third party drivers, which can be seen as a slight disadvantage by some who would want that feature. Individual drivers can be selected, or deselected though, based on the requirement.

One other thing I find as a disadvantage, is that SlimDrivers stores the drivers in folders with names based on generic, or hardware IDs of drivers. If SlimDrivers itself is used to restore the drivers, then it is not a problem. But, if for some reason, SlimDrivers is not used for restoration, then it can be a problem figuring out the drivers for the corresponding devices.

SlimDrivers was not able to backup the drivers for the devices that were not connected to the system at that time.

At the time of restoring of drivers, I ran across a few errors. However, after the process was over, I found that drivers had been restored successfully. But still, errors are a possibility, and therefore, reliability is a concern.

One point to mention is that in the Options, make sure to select the same folder for both Backup, and Restore, otherwise, the list of drivers does not appear in the Restore section, because of which, you won't be able to select individual drivers, and will have to restore all of them.

By default, SlimDrivers is selected to run at Windows startup. Users will want to disable that in the Options. Also, when installed, and run for first time, SlimDrivers will open its home page in the browser. It does not happen for subsequent runs of the program though.

SlimDrivers also has the habit of sitting in the tray, even if you close it. To exit the program fully, it has to be exited from the system tray. I find that an unnecessary feature.

For backup and restoration, SlimDrivers does quite a fair job, and works as it should.

Note : 1. An online installation of SlimDrivers is provided, and not an offline installer. This will be considered quite a drawback for people who like offline installers, myself included.

2. Take care to avoid the bundled software, during the installation. Click the button "Decline", which won't affect the software installation, but will avoid installing the bundled software. They keep changing this procedure, and/or the bundled software, so pay attention during installation. I will try my best to keep this updated with each new release.

3. The program can be used as a portable program by copying the program executable from the SlimDrivers folder in the Program Files. Strangely, the program folder does not have any other files in that folder, and seems to work solely from the executable. Wonder why the developers still require the program to be installed. They could have provided a portable version making use of this. Strange that they didn't do so. Though the procedure I have written, is on their forum, still, I won't label this program to have a portable version. But, based on this, once you have installed the program on a PC, the executable can just be copied, and used as a portable program.

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