A free floating command line utility for Windows gives you instant access to any program or website with MagicWords.


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Pros & Cons:

Tiny footprint, simple interface, unobtrusive, easy to work with, mature and well supported.
Requires customisation beyond the basic, so not ideal for everyone.

Our Review:

The first launcher I ever used, with one of the longest pedigrees, is SlickRun. SlickRun is minimalist but extremely easy to work with. At its heart is a concept called MagicWords which, as you might expect, are typed shortcuts to programs or functions.

Helpfully, it guesses which shortcut you want before you've finished typing it, so it can be very quick to use. New MagicWords can be added through an easy dialog, or by dragging shortcuts to its command window. It also incorporates a simple note-taking feature.

Well worth a try. For anyone who wants simplicity and ease of use without too many bells and whistles, it's a very good choice.


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SlickRun was reviewed by on based on version beta.