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Streamlined design for better workflow, integration with other apps and services, auto archives and searchable.
Some advanced features not available in a free package.

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Slack is a popular communication and collaboration tool that provides you with a single workplace to cater for organized conversations and efficient teamworks.

To use Slack, you will need to sign in with your credentials. You can then create, join or access a workspace using the app or through a web browser with a given URL.

Each workspace contains several channels, and each channel allows you to collaborate with your co-workers on a topic or project. Beneath the Channels section is a Direct Messages section, in which you can send messages, interact directly with a co-worker, list your to-dos or keep links and files handy.

With Slack’s modern design, it streamlines your workflow without jamming up all things together. You are able to go straight to a channel or deal with it in a direct message. All threads are easily searchable as the service automatically indexes and archives your team’s past conversations and files.

Slack’s service is productive and extensible. You can integrate other apps and services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, Zendesk, JIRA, etc., into your workflow in one place, excellent for sharing and editing documents as well as collaborating with team members.

This service is free and accessible via multiple platforms on desktop, mobile or the Web. Some advanced features are not free but the free package is sufficient for small teams to use, including searchable messages up to most recent 10,000 entries, 10 third-party or custom integrations of apps and services as well as 5 GB of file storage with standard support.


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