Skype - The Forgotten Free Desktop Sharing App


A few days ago I wrote about free apps for sharing a Windows desktop.  If you like using such thing, here's another one.  You've almost certainly heard of the program in question, but you may not be aware that it has such a feature.

The program is Skype.  You can get it, free, from  And while most people know it as a way to make free voice or video calls between PCs or other devices (it works great on my iPad), it also has a built-in desktop sharing feature.  This is ideal if you need to offer remote support to a friend or colleague.

To use desktop sharing with Skype, just initiate a voice or video call.  Then press on the "+" button and, from the menu that appears, choose the Share Screens feature.  You can now allow someone to see your screen, or you can see theirs.  

So next time a friend has a problem with their computer, and you need them to be able to demonstrate it to you across the internet, why not simply use Skype?




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I can share desktop but cannot share a window (in my case a PowerPoint window).
I have Skype 6.3 (latest as of June 2013) running on Windows 7 Ultimate.
Monitor is 27" and I don't want to show anything except that one window.
I click the down arrow when sharing screen and change from desktop to window.
I then click the window but the person I am talking to says there is no change. She even took a picture of the screen with her phone and emailed it to me. What she said was correct.

Anyone have suggestion on how to share just the one window?

It is a necessary option, thank you! Still prefer to use Team Viewer, at least got used to it ;)

Skype is most used as video chat software and less used for desktop sharing. In addition to Skype, one can even use various other desktop sharing tools such as [commercial references edited out] etc. or can even deploy on premise desktop sharing appliance such as RHUB appliances in order to conduct webinars, web conferences, share desktops, online meetings etc.

Precisely my point. Skype works, is free, and is often forgotten. :) Incidentally, screen sharing on Skype is still free in the latest version, but you can't share screens while your video camera is on. Turn off video, and screen sharing works. If you want screen sharing and video at the same time, you need a premium account.