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SketchUp Make

A modestly trimmed-down version of Sketchup Pro


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Creates surfaces from lines and extrudes 3D solids from surfaces, offers a huge library of pre-designed scenes and objects.
No discernible downside.

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With SketchUp you'll find not only a near limitless wealth of capabilities, but also a lucid breezy interface that won't put your head into a swoon. This exceptional package is a modestly trimmed-down version of Sketchup Pro. Yet the free version affords the novice designer a veritable dream come true. With innovative tools like the Push/Pull and the Follow Me, you can count on achieving your desired results. But it doesn't stop there. Sketchup incorporates so many advancements that I am hard-pressed to enumerate them. It employs its own scripting language, called Ruby, which multiplies the software's power exponentially. And you won't be standing all by your lonesome self in the pursuit of said power. An army of fellow Sketchup users have heralded the way and devised scores of pre-programmed add-ons that are a cinch to download and put into immediate use.

There are numerous add-ons and plug-ins that expand Sketchup's fundamental abilities, giving it new menus and new menu entries. There are also enhancements to Sketchup's production capabilities, for example, affording integration with some exquisite photo-realistic rendering engines and conversion of Sketchup 3D objects into non-native file formats for use in other packages. And what is perhaps the most appealing feature of all is ever-growing libraries of 3D objects and scenes for import into your designs. These number in the tens of thousands and no doubt, you'll have Google's well-honed search engine to use in locating the elements that you seek. Sketchup also affords full integration with Google Earth, so the building you model can literally claim a place on the map. And don't worry about guidance, for you'll find numerous tutorials and video guides, as well as a helpful user forum, at the Sketchup site.

Google SketchUp was purchased by Trimble Navigation back in April of 2012. It is now called SketchUp Make. While there is a free version available, Trimble also offers Sketchup Pro which is not free.

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