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CalendarLabs is an all in one site for all sorts of calendars. In addition to a wide selection of categories, there are printable yearly and monthly calendars for any year between 1800 and 3000.

Calendarlabs has a wide selection of calendars for most purposes.
There are Calendars for PDF, Word and Excel, Open Office and Libre Office, as well as calendars that work with Google docs.
There are free iCal calendars with holidays for different countries that import to any iCalendar supported applications including Exchange, Outlook, Zoho, Calendar and Mac iCal.

There are astrology calendars and daily planners, and custom calendars. Other calendars include calendars for school, families, accounting, fiscal, business, bank holidays, quarterly, market and long weekend calendars. Calendars are also sorted into sections such as recently added, and most used, popular and upcoming holidays.

Calendars with holidays are also available for more than thirty countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States.

Religious calendars are available for Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Sikh and Buddhist notable days, holidays and festivals.

You can create a photo calendar by using your own photo, or, create a desktop wallpaper with a calendar on top of the image that can be used on desktops, phones, tablets and other devices.

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I need a one person digital calendar accessible both on and off line for historical usage that does not truncate older entries and a company willing to put that in writing. When Outlook (unannounced) started cutting off at one year I lost years of my life.

Depending on how much detail you need to type / recall
UK's Kalender saves the data on your PC.
I just went back 3 years, and all of my entries back then are still visible, and can be expanded to see extra notes that I left on those entries.

For those of you that -
- Lack wall space (to stick a calendar)
- Lack a printer (to print a calendar)
- Want the calendar to automatically remind you of things
- Just show you the current month (but you can navigate to other months)
- Sit in front of your computer all day

Get this - UK's Kalender

I match all of the conditions I mentioned above,
PS I was a senior analyst in IT for 20 years, and I could not design/program a better calendar than that one.

Also worth a look is

They have some good calendars there.