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Snappa graphic design templatesEver looked at a newspaper ad, flyer, product leaflet, poster or glossy brochure and wished that you could produce work that looked as good? If so, and you want to try your hand at being a graphic designer, then look no further than a really neat online service called Snappa.

Just sign up at and choose a template as a starting point. Then adapt, tweak, complement and edit it until it looks the way you want.

It's a great way to produce brochures for your business, plus adverts and flyers and so on.

Snappa offers a number of account plans, starting with a completely free plan that still gives you access to thousands of templates and lets you download your finished work. Give it a try and see what you can create.



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I doubt this will make me very popular down here in the comment section, but I have to say something. This website (techsupportalert or Gizmo's), is one of the best, if not THE best provider of technical information, and product reviews of free gadgets, software, and innovative ideas, that exists on the internet today. As far as I can tell there are very few if any paid "staff," or "CFO's," or people with the last name of Trump who "work" here. 1) There is someone or a group of someone's who keep the site up and running. 2) There is a handsome sheriff named Midnight Cowboy - Site Manager, who keeps us in line. I think I have just named all of the officials. The rest of the site is user supported, and it's those users who research, compare, and analyze, all the information, and then, they manage to present it to us in an informative, and entertaining way. Oh yes, did i mention that they do all of this for FREE? Frankly, some comments sound like they were written by cantankerous old men, looking for something to complain about. How about being thankful for all the work that goes into creating this wonderful website? I for one am very grateful. I know that Giz, MC, Rob, Rhiannon, and many others whose names escape me right now, would never speak to a site user in this fashion, they are far too dignified. I however, am not. So, if you don't like the information on this site, you are invited to go whine somewhere else. Oh but before you go, please take just a moment, and bite me. Thank you!

Thank you for your support on behalf of all the contributors to this site. :) MC - Site Manager.

Oh no, it was entirely my pleasure! You have no idea how long I have been holding that in... : ) de - Site Pest Con-Troll Ninja.

Snappa's website doesn't seem to fully support Pale Moon or Vivaldi (with or without ad blocking) - video won't play on either browser, so it's unlikely that I'll revisit the website. I'll stick with software that's currently working OK.

Works fine for me using Vivaldi Linux. Maybe you have Windows security software or another local issue interfering with it? MC - Site Manager.

Site WFM on Win 7 with the latest stable Vivaldi, video plays fine, as for Pale Moon, wouldn't know, after numerous problems accessing sites, lack of extension compatibility and security concerns I gave up and uninstalled it a couple of updates ago.

Perhaps, but I'm not going to circumvent my security for any website that I don't have a pressing need for. I was checking my work email and this looked 'interesting', but if the site developers don't want to support certain configurations, then so be it.

Absolutely incorrect in how this site is described. Christopher Gimmer site co-founder in an email to me says this: Snappa outputs at 192 DPI.
That is USELESS for any print work. So Snappa might be useful -- and likely IS useful -- for certain web design tasks. But GIZMO describes it as useful for brochures and similar. It is not. In short, the review starts with this: Ever looked at a newspaper ad, flyer, product leaflet, poster or glossy brochure and wished that you could produce work that looked as good? Well do not expect to get that by using Snappa.