Simplify your Windows Desktop with Rocket Dock


If you're a Windows user and you've ever looked longingly at the "dock" on a Mac, then help is at hand.

The dock, for those that don't know, is the row of scrollable icons which is typically found at the bottom of the Mac screen.  By placing your commonly-used programs or document icons in the dock, you can free up space on the main desktop screen. 

The dock isn't to everyone's liking, of course.  Some prefer to fill their desktop with icons, while others prefer the Start menu.  Or, in Windows 7, you can simply start typing the name of the program you want, and let the operating system find it for you automatically.

However, if the idea of a dock sounds appealing, and you want to try one under Windows, one of the best is Rocket Dock.  You can customise the contents of the dock with just a few clicks, the 3D animations are nifty, and you can even choose to have Windows show the icons for running apps in the dock rather than on the status bar.  A great way to ensure that icons for all the things you need to do most often on your PC and conveniently to hand.

Rocket Dock is free, and runs under Windows 2000 and above.  It's a 6 MB download, though be aware that it's not yet available for 64-bit operating systems.  Get it from


Rocket Dock



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