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TimetableTimetableThe life of a student is fun, but can get very difficult sometimes, especially for those who are saturated with a lot of tasks and assignments. Our brain get exhausted or confused with all the data we have to assimilate, and trying to remember every single class, along with the related tasks, is not easy. Creating a well-organized schedule can help a lot, and there are many ways to create and manage one, but if you want to manage your schedule with style, then Timetable is the best choice.

Timetable is a free application for Android devices which is focused on students, although it can be helpful for educators, too. It can manage weekly class schedules in a clear and simple manner, and link the corresponding tasks and assignments for each class.

The first thing you will see after launching Timetable is its visual simplicity, which we find very functional while keeping an elegant look. We can set the view of our schedule to a per-day basis or a week-based one. Creating a new schedule is fast and easy, just enter your class, assignments, the time it begins / ends and the classroom number, and the app will store and organize them.

Each note and task that we add to the schedule can be identified by a specific color of our choosing, and we can further improve it by adding the teacher’s name. The useful reminder will constantly monitor our schedule and will notify us about any activities we may have to do during the next 14 days.

TimetableWe can also see the tasks we have to be ready for on a specific day on the calendar, and mark the dates of those always hated but crucial exams or the beloved holidays. But Timetable is not limited to that only, as you can also set reminders for assignments and tests and sync your schedule with all Android devices using an existing Google account. The app has specific optimizations for each kind of device, one of them being an extra pane for tablets (three in total), whereas smartphones have only two.

Moreover, the application has three different themes to choose from to customize its interface as well as 4 different widgets that can display different information such as assignments, tests or scheduled tasks, either on the main screen or in the lock screen, although the latter one is available for devices running Android 4.2.2 and up.

With Timetable, there can be no excuses for not having studied for a test, or forgetting to do that important assignment you’ve got one month ago. As stated earlier, Timetable can prove very useful for both students and educators, and it won’t cost you a dime. All you need is a device running Android 4.0 or up, and a Google account if you want to back-up, sync and share your schedule with multiple devices. The app is a 3.2 MB download and will use 5.10 MB once installed.


Timetable — Free Mobile App of the Week

For Android
Size: 3.2 MB


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Should've seen this earlier, during my college days :D

Me too! Sad thing is that was 10 years ago, when Symbian was the only decent mobile OS you could find. If available, this app would have saved my life back then.