The Simplest Way To Share Text, Images, Sketches Etc


Free text and image sharing siteSo here's the thing. You're sat at a public computer somewhere, and you have a great idea for something which you need to sketch out. Only you don't have pen and paper to hand. Or maybe you think of something that you need to write down. Or maybe you want to compose a letter.

The ideal solution would be a web-based system that you could easily enter the information into, and then find it waiting for you online when you get home.

Or perhaps your particular problem is the other way round. You're heading out to a public internet cafe and you want to work on an essay you've been writing. So you need an easy way to send the essay ahead of you, ready to pick it up and carry on working when you arrive at the cafe.

Or maybe you just want to send something to someone else, so that they can easily see it online without having to download or install any software.

There are plenty of ways to achieve all this, of course. But they're all relatively complex, and you'll probably have to sign up somewhere or log in with a password. Could there perhaps be an even simpler way?

Yes, there could. And it's called Clip. Well, not so much Clip as Kl1p, which is irritating but don't let that put you off using the system. Just fire up your browser, head to, and you're ready to start. The system will present you with your own unique URL. Click on the relevant button to create a document, notepad, or even a sketch in which you can paint directly in your browser with the mouse.

When you're done, hit Save and walk away. Type that same URL into a different computer somewhere else, and your work is instantly available for you to carry on with.

You can, of course, sign up for a free account if you want to be able to lock or protect your work. But if that's not an issue, then Kl1p is just about the easiest online collaboration and transfer system I've ever seen. It's also a great toy for kids to use to send messages and pictures back and forth between themselves, while also helping them learn about just how useful the internet can be.

Check out It's fun and it's free.



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Seems to me that using Keep, OneNote or our favorite Evernote would make much more sense. By signing up ahead of time all are available on the web. Would not need to memorize a url. Just sign into your account and make a note.

With Evernote you still have to download the application and remember a password (which is no easier than memorizing a url.) Klip doesn't offer the same level of functionality but for those who prefer simple stand alone tools it appears to have some value.

Actually you do not need to download the evernote program. Available right on the web. With this you have one thing to remember, instead of a url. Just one man's opinion.

Nice find, but before one gets too excited, the size limit on a single image is 5Mb, quite low by present-day standards.

Or maybe your secret decoder ring and shoe phone have malfunctioned and you need to contact headquarters to let them know KAOS agents are stalking you. The write up was amusing and Klip does appear to be a very friendly tool worth trying.