The Simplest Way To Improve Your Web Browsing Security


A couple of years ago I wrote about a neat utility called Spotflux, to help make your web browsing more secure.  You can read the original article at   In a nutshell, you could download a 10 MB program, and all your web browsing now goes via the Spotflux servers instead of directly between you and the web site.  This means that your session is anonymous and untraceable.

Now, Spotflux has gone one further.  The program is available as a browser add-in for Chrome.  No longer do you need to download and install the complete program, and no longer do you need Java either.  Just head to and install the add-in, and you're protected.

At the moment, it's only available for Chrome,  but versions for other browsers are promised.

Once you've installed the add-in, it will automatically protect you when required.  This is especially useful if you're accessing sites where you want to keep all trace of your visit private.  If you then want to disable the add-in temporarily at other times (it does cause occasional slow-downs, so you may well want to), just right-click the Spotflux icon in your browser address bar and choose Manage.

VPN solutions are notoriously hard to install and configure.  But Spotflux, at is the easiest I've ever seen.  




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Beware when installing and/or purchasing a VPN of the limitations imposed by the software vendor. I purchased [edited], and discovered to my dismay that they block outgoing gmail as their VPN was used by spammers. I tried establishing Gmail as an exclusion within the program but that did not work, either. Could not send any outgoing smtp emails using Thunderbird configured for Gmail unless I turned [edited] off.

This was a hassle, so I uninstalled the program, and received a refund.

I am trying VPN browser extensions as a substitute.

[Moderator's note: Mention of commercial service edited out. We cover only free service here.]

I prefer using Comodo's Dragon and IceDragon browser and using Comodo's DNS servers. Plus NoScript. Not sure if adding this to that is overkill

What is the difference between this browser add-on and Immunicity?.

With the recent run on with the Bettersurf virus,do you think it wise to recommend the Google Chrome browser or add-ons until this has been resolved? In Yahoo Answers there has been an alarming increase in infection and those looking for answers to remove it from their Google Chrome browsers.

BetterSurf is not a virus, it is adware best classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). It also affects multiple browsers. MC - Site Manager.


This seems to be about browser privacy, not security. Although you may be anonymous using this, you're still vulnerable to malware and hacks.

Lessen those browser vulnerabilities with the JonDoFox browser.

Sorry, fameWolf
I did not think that they were windows-centric. I use CG on my Android GNex I9250 running CM11 nightlies, right now. Works great.
On their site, there is a not too visible "x" just under the right side of the black bar on top of the grayed out page. Click that. It clears the page and then the Yellow Tab "Free Download" is top right. I think you will have good success with this.
All the best.

Also, Thanks to Gizmo's, ( which is where I read about CG for the first time, in a discussion about VPNs ). Most wonderful source of freeware suggestions on the internet IMHO.

Security Kiss was another mentioned,(no ads !) though it did not seem to play well with my Norton AV software at first,it was fast.

Dear Forum Members,

How does Spotflux compare with the ZenMate for Chrome plugin ?

I would very much appreciate your assessment.

Many thanks,


Not sure this is the first time that "spotflux" has been recommended on Gizmo's. Perhaps it was called something else at that time. I'll have a look. Not so hot. My first negative review ever.
To even mildly suggest this might serve as a VPN stand-in for those who find them inconvenient to set up is, well, beyond a stretch.
I use and highly recommend the (not too)Limited free service from Cyber Ghost. Sounds sneaky, but its is not, and the free service does a very good job, if you follow the easy instructions.
Check out the video done by their crew. It is informative

This is not the first time that Spotflux has been mentioned. I mentioned it 2 years ago, when it was a downloadable program rather than a browser add-in. I linked to that previous article at the top of this recent posting.

Problems I see with cyber only.....I went to their website...only thing I see is a free web mention of a free vpn service but it did pop up a big ad for the paid vpn that it would not let me close or click past.

Lets be clear about one thing: I know nothing about any of this. But, I wonder what the incentive is for anyone to provide a service like this. Is it free to individuals and a fee service to business users??

"VPN solutions are notoriously hard to install and configure"
Are you serious? All one has to do is install the VPN software and click the button.

And did you think about the fact that communication to/from the Spotflux servers is not encoded, so is fair game for snoopers? All they have to do is intercept all communications to/from Spotflux. Real easy for them, as they may control the Internet backbone or use some man-in-the-middle exploit.

On the other hand, VPN communications are encoded before transmission, so are hard or next to impossible to decode without using some backdoor.

I suggest you think twice before recommending such an unsafe solution.

Last time I needed to set up a proper enterprise VPN solution was about 3 days ago, as it happened. This involved speaking to the server people to get permission, ordering (and paying for) a personal digital certificate, installing that certificate on my PC, downloading a special client app that talks to the remote VPN hardware in a proprietary way, and finally waiting for authorisation from the server people that I was now OK to log in. Not all VPN solutions are simple. And you seem to be confusing encoding with encryption, which are not the same thing.

We are talking here about end-user solutions. Spotflux is not an enterprise solution.
And why would you imagine that VPN entails encoding rather than encryption?
If you don't have anything pertinent to add, please don't.