Simple Sudoku


Simple Sudoku

Create challenging Sudoku puzzles randomly with 5 grades


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License: Free (Private/Educational use)
Categories: Games, Sudoku

Pros & Cons:

5 grades of difficulty, scan and show possible numbers, hint and solution for the next value, adjustable window sizes, redo/undo moves, save/load/print puzzles, copy/paste to clipboard.
Solving the whole puzzle at one go is not provided.

Our Review:

Simple Sudoku creates challenging puzzles with 5 grades, from 'easy' to 'extreme'. It generates each puzzle randomly, so the selection is practically limitless.

The program has a keyboard and mouse friendly design with adjustable window sizes.

Similar to SuDoku Cracker, it helps scan what are possible digits for blank cells each time you enter a number, with a hint or even solution for the next number, covering almost all logical solutions for you. That's one of the helpful tools to help solve the puzzles—removing the drudgery but keeping the fun for the game.

Other features of the program include redo/undo moves, copy and paste puzzles to and from the clipboard, save, load or print completed or partially completed puzzles, etc. To save a game file in a text format, you need to add ".txt" to the file name.

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