A feature-rich and secure instant messenger that can also work as an SMS/MMS client.


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Open source, support multiple platforms, sending disappearing messages, unlimited group members, in-app image editor, merge with SMS/MMS client, backup and restore, registration lock and more.
Has not obtained as many users as other top IM clients.

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Signal is a completely free, open source, secure and private instant messenger developed under an Open Source project supported by grants and donations, with no ads and no marketers.

Like most other modern instant messaging platforms, Signal supports sending text, stickers, images, documents, and making voice and video calls. It also supports group messaging, with an unlimited number of group members allowed.

To ensure your messages are secure, Signal provides end-to-end encryption for instant messaging conversations, voice calls and video calls using Signal Protocol, which is also implemented in closed-source WhatsApp.

Other features of this app includes an in-app image editor, sending self-destructible messages to your contacts, setting messages to disappear from your phone after the timer has elapsed, archiving chats, backup and restore messages, screen lock, registration lock, etc.

To use the desktop version of Signal, scan the QR code presented on Signal Desktop with your phone. After setting up, you can send messages via Signal Desktop through the Internet without the phone being present.

On Android devices, Signal also can work as an SMS/MMS client to replace the default SMS/MMS app. However, messages sent to non-Signal users are not protected with end-to-end encryption.

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An Open Source and Secure Messenger App Supporting Multiple Platforms

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