An Easy Way to Send and Receive Files Across Multiple Devices


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Transfer files at fast speed, via Wi-Fi without going through the cloud, cross platform sharing.
Due to different platforms, more advanced features are only available to the Android version.

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This excellent app SHAREit helps transfer files wirelessly between iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

After you've installed SHAREit on each of your devices, using this app to send and receive files is pretty straightforward:

  1. Select "Send" on a sending device, choose a file then select a connected receiving device.
  2. On the receiving device, select "Receive".

That's it. The app then transmits the file at fast speed as this is done locally via Wi-Fi without going through the cloud.

Since Apple does not allow access to the iOS file system except for the media gallery, SHAREit for the iPhone or iPad keeps files within the app’s folders, while its Android version has a choice of the storage location accessible to third party apps.

What’s more, the Android version is complete with some advanced features for free, such as stream photos, one-touch photo backup, remotely view files and control PowerPoint slide shows on your Windows PC.

Well worth a download.


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