This Second-Opinion Malware Scanner Is Free Now


Hitman Pro malware scannerAntivirus company Sophos bought Surfright, one of its competitors, last year. Sophos is currently in the process of integrating Surfright's products and technology. Meanwhile, Surfright's "Hitman Pro" product is currently free for home use.

Hitman Pro is described as a second-opinion malware scanner. Whereas traditional scanners don't play well together, and only work if they are the sole scanner installed on your computer, these second-opinion products happily coexist with your installed product and, as the name suggests, provides a way to double-check that your computer really is free of malware and viruses.

Hitman Pro is currently free for unlimited home use. While it's a good tool for detecting possible malware, it doesn't clean up any infections. For that, you'll need an additional Surfright product, which costs money. However, if Hitman Pro does ever detect an issue on your PC, you get a 30-day free trial of Surfright's clean-up tool.

Hitman Pro is an 11 MB download from though you'll need to provide an email address in order to download it. It's available in both 32- and 64-bit versions. Although the web page mentions that it works on Windows versions up to 8, I tested it on Windows 10 and it works perfectly.

Note that it detects not just viruses and malware, but also web site tracking cookies. So don't be surprised to find lots of errors being flagged up by a scan. These are generally harmless, and can be deleted from within the privacy settings in your browser.



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Thanks for another fine article, Rob.

HMP is indeed an excellent second (or third) opinion scanner; it's been part of my toolkit for about a decade. It is also available for download from Softpedia, and without registration required: .

As nothing finds everything, another excellent utility for one's security toolkit that I highly recommend is AdwCleaner (free detection AND cleaning; best practice would be to set a Restore Point before deleting any Registry entries one is not absolutely certain of); it is regularly updated. The Softpedia link is: .



Signed up for the 30 day free trial. Very impressed wiih this software, Using it on 2 desktops with win 10 home 64 bit.
This program detects tracking cookies where mbam displays or deletes all cookies unless you go through a laborious sorting process
or uncheck the "cookie" box for each browser.
Is there any other freeware that isolates the tracking cookies for removal?

It's always been free. Please research before picking your titles.

I've been using HMP for ages and the 30-day free trial upon first install has been so all along; upon day 31 the UI displays a note indicating the free-clean has expired, buy it. I had a license but let it expire and now have a license expired, can no longer clean, renew it message in my UI. (I know all that wording is not exact.)

This article describes the way HMP has always worked: unlimited use (full system scan, detection & report) and one-time 30-day trial or pay for clean up. What is the point of this "Is Now Free" article?? And what "additional Surfright product" for clean-up? HMP is one product, free or licensed.


It took about 50 minutes for the full scan to complete. Detected and cleaned 18 tacking cookies. The quick scan took only 1 min 39 secs. Resource use was low - about 29MB average. Detected an error in Hosts File and repaired it. Scan will be faster if user cleans out sandboxes (if using Sandboxie) before scanning.
However, I then ran a quick scan using Super Anti-Spyware, and it detected 13 tracking cookies ( could not compare the two as I had already deleted the tracking cookies found by Hitman Pro
Then I ran the MalwareBytes threat scan and it detected nothing.
I'll keep them all

Hitman Pro is only a malware scanner not a cleaner. This is what I've been informed. But it's really good at what it does.

The trial version will clean if you provide name and email address in the interface, which is like registering for the 30 day free trial of the full version.

Most trial products offer this feature, the real free product doesn't clean up the infections.

I've been using HitmanPro for a long time now and find it very useful for identifying potential malware that other scanners sometimes overlook. The more varied the scanners used, the better IMO.
The original SurfRight website still currently offers HitmanPro downloads (without requiring a name and email address)....whereas at present, the Sophos link merely redirects you to that original website after collecting your email address!

I use both Hitman and MBAM as second opinion scanners, Panda as my primary, eventhough I have Firefox sandboxed with SBIE.

You never know...

crosseyedlemon, It has nothing to do with trust: your primary scanner will never be able to detect every threat that exists. A second-opinion malware scanner will simply reduce the risk and, as mentioned many times on this site, a layered approach to security is far superior than solely relying on one piece of software.

If I downloaded a second opinion scanner because of a lack of trust in my primary scanner wouldn't my paranoia require that I download a third opinion scanner, then a fourth opinion scanner etc. Think I will just stick with Super Anti-spyware which has worked well for me for several years now.

I think there may be some misunderstanding. SuperAntiSpyware (Free) IS a second opinion scanner. The first "opinion" always applies to the resident antivirus. However, if an installed AV program happens to let malware through, there's not much point in scanning with something which has already failed to identify the malware. That's where second opinion scanners, such as MBAM, SAS, and others, come into play.

And it certainly doesn't hurt to have more than one second opinion scanner installed. They are on-demand type programs which, because there is no real time protection involved, do not clash with antivirus and other security software.