Remove Video and GIF Backgrounds Automatically for Free


Unscreen video background remover

Effortlessly remove video and GIF backgrounds with this free online app.

This free online tool automatically removes the background from a video or GIF quickly and easily.

Removing backgrounds using Unscreen is simple. Upload a clip from your computer or use a pre-selected GIF and the background is removed automatically.

Once the background is removed, Unscreen lets you replace it with pre-selected animated backgrounds, background colors, an image, or you can leave it transparent. The pre-selected backgrounds are interesting and easily applied with one click.

To download a clip, select the Download button. Clips are saved by default as GIFs, use the drop down arrow on the download button to save as a GIF, animated PNG, or a zip file of single PNG frames.
The free version supports .mp4, .webm, .ogg, .mov, .gif file uploads.
Processed videos are 5 seconds long (10 seconds if you sign up) have a resolution of 360p, and contain an unobtrusive Unscreen watermark in the lower right corner. Uploading a large video results in the first 5 seconds being processed.  

Processing time depends on the size of the video and the speed of your internet connection. Short videos processed surprisingly fast for me.
It’s not perfect; busy backgrounds can have bits left behind and large solid looking objects can be mistaken for the background and retained, but for making fast GIFs it’s a great service.

Unscreen is a new tool created by the same people who make the popular background removal tool (see our write up here). Give it a try if you want to make a quick, easy or fun GIF.

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