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Share knowledge in Q&A form, rich and resourceful topics, tools for voting, sharing and comments.
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Quora is a good resource for exploring various answers to the questions of your interest and a platform for sharing knowledge and understanding the topics better, with different perspectives from people around the world.

The service is accessible for free through a web browser or a mobile app. On the Home page of the service, it automatically updates the feed of Q&A's based on the topics, year and sort order set in your profile page, while on the Spaces page, it allows you to discover and follow the topics of your interest, or create a space of your own.

On the Answer page, you can contribute to the service by answering questions suggested for you, or add topics for a customized feed with questions you can answer.

More people will likely agree to an answer if it is provided with sufficient facts and materials. As a guide, Quora reveals all users' responses to an answer at the bottom of a post, including upvotes, shares and comments. Do your part by voting up or down an answer, give a comment, report low-quality content, bookmark a post, or share a helpful answer with your friends.

Under its terms of service, Quora lets you own the content that you post, but you also grant them and other users of the Quora platform certain rights and license to use it. More importantly, you are responsible for the content that you post and ensure that it does not violate the applicable laws or legal rights of another party.

"Be Nice, Be Respectful" is Quora's rules on using its platform.

Give your comments below whether Quora helps broaden your views on the topics of your interest or it has fulfilled the mission to share and grow the world’s knowledge.


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