A Private Social Network For You And 11 Friends


Social networks such as Facebook are great if you want to live your life in public. But what if you want to use a similar type of system to collaborate online with friends or colleagues in a more private way? Perhaps you're working from separate locations on a business proposal, a party plan, a family trip, a special celebration, and so on, and you want to be able to share to-do lists, photos, calendars, documents, messages, and everything else to help you keep track of everything.

Bitrix24 is such a service, and if your group of like-minded people numbers no more than 12 individuals, then it's completely free to sign up and use. All you need is a web browser. Just go to https://www.bitrix24.com/ to get started. Your account even comes with 5 GB of online storage for all that project-related information, which should be plenty.

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11 people is probably too little for a social network even of a close family, however, what it may be good for is for a small organization of less than 11 people.

It's clearly designed for a business environment Bern but I suspect Rob intends to use it for a fantasy football league he has setup with the other Gizmo staffers. Notice also that the word start precedes free....which leads me to believe there is a surprise waiting for users after maybe a month using this.