Print Only The Part(s) Of A Web Page That You Wish


With most web sites now carrying loads of ads, pictures, banners, and other assorted content in addition to the actual text of each page, printing out a web page can be difficult.  Printers don't always print multi-item pages correctly, especially if they're quite wide, and printing out those photos and banners wastes ink.  

Some sites, of course, offer a "print this page" option which strips out much of the unnecessary content.  But still, there are often adverts left in the printout.

If you've had this problem in the past, you probably solve it the same way I do.  Copy and paste individual paragraphs from the web browser into Word or Notepad, and print from there.  But you don't have to do that any more, because there's a much more sophistcated option.

Just head to and, on the home page, enter the address of the page that you want to print.  The service is completely free, and you don't have to register or log in.  Once you've entered the URL, your chosen web page will appear on screen, with the PWYL menu to the left.  You can now click around the loaded web page and highlight, or delete altogether, individual components on the page.  Which, for those of you who know HTML, means any "div" area.  

Once you've collected together all the areas that you want to print, or removed those that you don't, just hit the Print button and you're done.

PrintWhatYouLike is a great idea that will save you time and money.  It's free, and there's nothing to download or install either.  A winner, I reckon.


My thanks to regular contributor Panzer for this great tip.



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