A Practical Way to Help Freeware Authors and Get Some Free Goodies at the Same Time


Our friends at DonationCoder.com are celebrating their 13th birthday - a minor miracle for a non commercial site. Congratulations guys.

DonationCoder is a site that provides exposure and support for free software authors in a way that is highly ethical and yet ensures they get recognition for their efforts. Unfortunately, in recent years we have seen too many freeware authors having to resort to bundling toolbars and other marginal practices just to survive. DonationCoder provides a worthy alternative that is honest and fair to all.

Each year DonationCoder.com has a fundraiser in order to stay afloat and each year we support them as we believe in the honest, fair and ethical way they support freeware authors. We ask you to help as well and help yourself to some free goodies in the process.

Make a donation of any size to the DonationCoder site and you'll get a lifetime license to download as many of the utilities on the site as you want. Many of these utilities are unique and not available elsewhere, indeed several are world class. Folks, the cause here is most worthwhile so I encourage you to participate and show your support for these freeware authors.

Remember, without freeware authors we wouldn’t have the wonderful choice of great freeware utilities we have today. So, go to the site now using the link below and chip in whatever you can afford, get your lifetime license and download some of their great utility programs such as their award winning Screenshot Captor and other power-user tools.

I've donated generously myself and I hope you will as well.



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If someone has concerns but really wants to help and donate, you can go to your Paypal account and send a donation to them at their Paypal email address. It's very easy.

The number/license whatever you want to call it should be kept where you can find it. You will need it to download any apps from their site in the future.

Some good stuff there.

Have you noticed that their website still isn't using HTTPS? They're using PayPal for donations now which should make it safe, but that's one of the things that put me off donating in the past.

Thanx for the site...have checked it out, donated and registered. Will have fun exploring the site over the next few days.