Play This Train Simulator In Your Browser For Free


The idea of a PC-based train simulator is nothing new.  Microsoft used to produce one, before selling it to another company.  And there's a free product called BVE, which has loads of features but which is notoriously difficult to download, install and configure.

Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when our very own Midnight Cowboy told me about a free downloadable train sim called Real Railway.  You can reach the site at but, before you do, be aware that it's mostly in Japanese.

Thankfully, there'a an online version which works within your browser, is free to play, and the instructions for which are in English.  So just point your browser at and step up to the plate.

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I like that.

Thanks Rob!

Excellent advise. Specially because it is online. You do not have to install any heavy program.

The link you shared is the simulation called "Shinkuju Line".
There are six more here: