Access to filters and effects not found in most other image editing programs


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Excellent GUI, great filters and special effects and can save photos in High Definition.
Hard to read text on small phones, not many ways to share/save photos and large download file size.

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With the most impressive user interface, Pixlr-o-matic is full of filters and effects not found in most other image editing programs, and these in particular can be used to create really heartfelt pictures.

One thing I didn't notice in the other programs was the ability to take pictures directly through the application, instead of switching apps to take the picture and then switching back again.

The other crucial thing I noticed was the wide range of filters for the shots. These allow you to change the picture as a whole instead of having to apply effects bit by bit to the whole photo. You can still do these patch effects, by navigating the GUI using the small taskbar at the bottom.

This software is extremely good, giving you access to features usually only featured in Pro versions, including the ability to save high definition photos. On the downside, buttons are fixed to the size of the screen instead of a default size, meaning that on smaller screens the text becomes difficult to read. The variety of ways to send photos are more limited than PicSay, making it a better choice for home users than for users on the go.

Besides the Android version, you can get its version for the iOS device and other platforms as well as accessing the online editor from your web browser.

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