A Picture Search Engine That's a Must for Online Daters


This interesting suggestion about a site that provides reverse image search was emailed to me by regular site visitor R.F.  I can see it being of great value to others.  The idea is simple: provide a picture or image and the search engine will locate that and similar images on the web. - Gizmo

"Gizmo very seldom am I blown away.  But recently I found TinEye.com picture search engine and was simply amazed.  Credit actually goes to another site I frequent for informing me about this search engine (Raymondscc).  But for me particularly it has helped a lot.  The program still is in its beta stages but it searches millions of sites for where duplicate photos are and gives you the links. 

Where is this most helpful?  For me, it has been dating sites and "friends" who send pictures of themselves through email.  You can search the picture they send and see if it is actually them or a fake. 

I received some photos which were cropped (the face was cropped) from a friend who said they were her.  I uploaded the cropped picture and did a search.  The search returned the entire picture with the face revealed.  Sadly to say, it was not the person who sent it. 


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