PDF Import for Apache OpenOffice


PDF Import for Apache OpenOffice

This extension allows you to edit a PDF file in 100% layout accuracy


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combine pdf with the source file for editing
larger file size


A perfect solution for a PDF file that can be opened for editing with OpenOffice in 100% layout accuracy.

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This PDF Import is an extension or addon to the office suite OpenOffice. To get this extension to work, install the office suite before you install the extension.

The PDF Import extension enables the office suite to produce a hybrid PDF / ODF file. The file created will have a normal .pdf file extension. By itself, it is a PDF file and can be viewed by any PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader, PDF-XChange Viewer or Foxit Reader.

On top of this, it contains a source ODF file, which can be opened with OpenOffice directly from the PDF file for editing without losing any layouts, bookmarks, hyperlinks or formats.

To create a hybrid PDF file, run OpenOffice with the PDF Import extension installed, select "File", choose "Export as PDF", a PDF Options window like the screen shot will open, then tick "Create hybrid file" (or "Embed this document inside the PDF" where applicable) and click "Export".

If the PDF file is exported from OpenOffice Writer, it opens directly in Writer. If the PDF file is exported from OpenOffice Impress, it opens directly in Impress, and so on.

This hybrid PDF file saves you from keeping two separate file formats as it combines the two into one. It is ready for sharing and viewing with a PDF reader, yet it can be opened for perfect editing just the way a normal OpenOffice file does. When naming a hybrid file, it's probably a good idea to end with something like "-odf.pdf" so as to differentiate it from a normal PDF file.

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HI I have downloaded this extension for OpenOffice but I am damned if I can get it to do anything with a .pdf. I downloaded it an installed it, closed and opened Open Office again, then went to extension manager, and it seems it is indeed installed (although I didn't get a chance to "enable" it...but when I open Draw and try to "Open" my .pdf document (that I want to edit, in that I want to take text from it and put it into a WORD document), it gives me a a document with a number of pages in it that contain complete gobbledygook for the first few lines and then leave the rest of the page blank, and the document contains a number of pages like this. The original .pdf document is quite long. How can I correct this, is this plug-in not supposed to just open the .pdf document in "OpenOffice Draw"? What am I doing wrong?
Many thanks.