This Online Web Page Template Generator Is Impressive


If you want to create a web site, the first thing you need is a template.  You can design it yourself, using HTML and CSS along with a copy of something like Dreamweaver.  Or you can download a ready-made template from sites such as  But here's yet another alternative, and I happen to think it's really very clever indeed.

It's a web-based web site template designer.  Think of it as a free Web-based service that's a bit like running Dreamweaver.

The site in question is  Once you visit the site, you'll see the basic layout of a web page in your browser, along with various menus.  You can change the number of columns in the page you're designing, as well as the menus, the text, the colours, the position of content blocks, and just about everything else.  When you're done, just click the Download button and choose whether you want your finished page downloaded as HTML/CSS files, a WordPress template, Microsoft asp.NET Master Pages, or a Joomla template.   As I said, very clever indeed.


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