An Online Office Suite That's A Real Alternative To Microsoft Or Google


An internet-hosted cloud-based office software suite is not always the first option that springs to mind when you're looking for software that allows you to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.  But as Microsoft and Google are keen to point out, it does have its benefits.  There's nothing to install, you're always running the latest version, and you can access your files from anywhere that has web access.  Which is especially handy if you travel a lot, or like to work at both the office and at home, or if you collaborate on documents with other people.

While Microsoft and Google would like you to think that they've got the online office market sewn up, there are actually some pretty good alternative players out there if you're keen to avoid the big 2 goliaths.  Team Lab offers an excellent product to companies, at a price to match.  But for personal users it's actually free.  Just head to and start using the system straight away (or sign up if you want to be able to save your work on their servers).

For the techies among you, TeamLab Office is even available as a free, open source download that you can host on your own server, and thus provide your own secure cloud-based office system for your family, your company, or just yourself.  But if you'd rather just start using it, rather than running your own service, is where you need to surf to.



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I've only used it for a document so far but I really like it. Worked on the document from 3 different locations and 3 different computers. Thank you!!!

I like it more than the web alternatives, but it still doesn't offer the basic ability of editing the formatting styles. The spreadsheet I haven't tried but I'm also expecting it to probably miss some important feature like sorting. Maybe web apps still need time. Great that it is available as a download to use at home on the network for the whole family though. Thanks for the tip. I'm giving this find 5 stars.

Checked out the demos. Terrific!

Would love to use this office suite, but want no part of Facebook or Google+. Fingers crossed the TeamLab clan can come up with a way to accommodate refuseniks like me.

Hello Bywater!
Just wanted to give you an update - we have rebranded Teamlab Office to ONLYOFFICE and implemented sign up via email - hope there are no obstacles anymore! ;-)

Same as Bywater, I AM a FB user but I want no part of marrying it to whatever I am doing about downloading software. Please lemme know when it's available as a DL the old fashioned way... at 110/150/300 baud.

Same request here, I'm a FB and Google denier.

Hi David! Just wanted to let you know, that we have added registration via email.
Would be great to hear your thoughts :-)

Will forward this idea to the developers - thank you! We're glad you like the demos)

Reminds me of how I didn't manage to try Microsoft Office 360. When I went through all the pain of registration and sumbitting and agreeing and what else, I couldn't start Word. And I couldn't start Excel, either. Both gave me server errors. When I contacted support, they told me that I hadn't turned something on. So I gave up.

Hope this one is easier to try.

Dear Stratos, we did our best to make it as easy as possible to try Teamlab processors. Hope, you already had a chance to check) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Not a good start: I can't register. Nothing happens when I click on the icons to register.

I couldn't login with Chrome. IE worked fine. There was no pop-up blocker indicated in Chrome, however. Watch this the see my effort with Chrome:

Hello Jandbrare! We've checked the issue. Most probably there can be some blocking plugin. However you can register in Chrome using this link
Hope it helps!


Jandbrare, thanks a lot for the video, I'll forward it to our technical specialists to figure out what happened.

Dear jandbrare, sorry for the inconvenience. Please, let us help you and send more details to nina.gorbunova(at)
Our technical specialists confirm that everything works fine at the moment, so there's probably an unknown mistake.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Rob thank you so much for the review!
We're so happy Teamlab is mentioned with such warm words ))
Thanks a lot, we'll try to keep the quality as high as possible.
Nina, Teamlab Office Marketing Manager


Just did a mini-micro test and WOW!

Only thing I miss is ability to save locally on the computer or flash drive. I want a backup don't I?

I will talk about that on my next radio show. Sure hope that this or similar services one day will give Micro$oft a run for their money. Well, dreaming is allowed, isn't it?

UPDATE about ten minutes later:

Yes, even in the free version you CAN "download" the file in various formats. My LibreOffice loaded and showed the demo.docx file just fine.

I am majorly impressed. Thanks a big bunch to rob.schifreen.

This the sort of thing that makes me regret I could not donate more than I did.

Eikelein, wow! This is the type of comments we really love to receive! Thank you for the interest)
And yes, as you already mentioned it's possible to download your document in any format with no limitations.
Again, thanks for trying and evaluating.
Please, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions

Nina, Teamlab Office Marketing Manager