This Online Library Has 1,800+ Vintage Children’s Books for Free


UCLA Children's Book Collection

The digital archive at UCLA has over 1,800 children's books you can download or read online, for free. The collection has classics like Cinderella and The Wizard of Oz, along with poetry, education and fiction. You can read them online or download them in a wide variety of formats including EPUB, Kindle, PDF and more. Enjoy browsing through the wood cut type, prints and illustrations in this nicely curated selection of children's books.

The books were published between 1728 to 1999, so not all can be called vintage. Newer books are the minority. Illustrations range from wood cut type to printed materials, in color and black and white. All the books I viewed had readable text, though some were a bit dark. I particularly liked the illustrations.

The books can be sorted by title, date published, and creator. You can search using topics and subjects, by year, by collection or by creator. The default display is thumbnails, or you can view them as a list. A nice collection if you want to read older editions of books or enjoy looking at vintage illustrations. The books are printable in PDF format, though the pages will vary in size.

UCLA Children's Book Collection


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Thanks, nice find... I forwarded the link to my son and his wife, they have four young kids and I'm sure they will l find it useful.

Wonderful, I hope they enjoy it. :)

Thank you for your kind words.
I'm glad you like it. :)

rhianno: FABULOUS!!! Thank you for this share and soooo many others!

With much appreciation,

~ Alan