This Is One Of My Favourite Browser Extensions Ever


Email This browser add-onYou're reading a page on the web. It's an interesting article but you really don't have time right now, and you'd like to read it later. Sound familiar?

What do you do in such cases? You could print the article of course, but it wastes paper. Especially if the page also contains loads of ads. You could save the article as a favourite or bookmark, or export it to your online notes, but chances are you'll never get around to reading it.

Email This is the solution. It's a browser extension for Chrome which adds a little button to your browser screen. Simply click the button and the current page will be emailed directly to you. Plus, the text of the page will be nicely formatted, and all adverts will be stripped out too.

Email This is free, although there's an opportunity to donate if you want. It works really well. Try it and see what you think. The download page is at

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You say "It's a browser extension for Chrome".

They say "Email This works on all browsers."

Works flawlessly on Firefox.

Just tried this out and it's working perfectly! Being able to read the whole page off-line will make things much easier for me. Thanks, Rob!
I've tried Pocket, but unless I had internet access, I couldn't read the articles I saved (probably me doing something wrong).


Many thanks! It looks like the perfect replacement for the bookmarklet I was using some years ago (it may have disappeared since 2 years or more ... and I was still missing it ;-)). Receiving the web page embeded in the mail is for me far better than receiving just an url link because: readable off-line, searchable on "full content", easy to remember / identify what the page is talking about ...

Again, many thanks for this find and share!

Didn't try this one Rob, but I've been using Pocket for a few years. I have it on my phone (Android) and my desktop (Chrome browser). Works great.

Based on your description, the drawback for me would be a stack of emails with articles in them. Guess I could set up a folder in my email for them and delete or save (how / where?) when I've reviewed them later. Since my email is an absurdity in the first place, I have to pass on this one.

Pocket stores the articles you select on their servers somewhere. I can add multiple tags to each article and once reviewed, can delete (of course) or save them in an archive. The article is displayed with only the content - no ads, no website headers, and in the case of this article, no comments! But each article has a very visible link to the original article if you want or need to see it.

Works pretty nicely!

Cheers -

Well, "available" for Firefox is correct.
I installed it - oh what relief if it would work.
The culprit seems to be their email address verification mechanism.
I gave the web page my email address (checked and confirmed correct!) and after 15 minutes have not yet gotten the email with the confirmation link.
Not really inspiring trust...

Huh. I've been using it on Firefox for close to two weeks now with no problems. The address confirmation came immediately for me. I don't know what the slow down might be. :(

Rhiannon, yes, HUH and UGGGHHH and ARGGHHH as well ;-)
My original post was from 09:22hrs CDT this morning; now it is about 16:37 on the same day and still nothing. Not even an mail response to the mail I sent them from their web "contact us" function.

Someone who said they were the developer posted a comment here yesterday (that's no longer here, I don't know what happened to it) that said they were having trouble with their email service, and for you to contact them and they would add you manually to the list. Although if they are having trouble with their email provider, it's sort of a moot point to contact them.
Here's their support email address, that might work better than the contact page:

I just signed up using Opera with a different address and the confirmation email appeared immediately. Might be worth uninstalling and reinstalling it in the browser you're using and then adding your email address again. I'm going to assume you've already checked that the email didn't go to a spam folder. :)

Thanks for the extensive reply. Just before I found the email with your suggestions I had tried exactly that again and mirac le of miracles, everything worked on the spot.
I am only glad that it was neither me nor my browser but apparently a virtual gremlin of sorts.
Thanks again and have a good weekend.

I am delighted that to hear everything worked out. :)
I've been haunted by those gremlins before, they crop up in the oddest places - it appears they are well traveled. ;-)

There are versions available for Firefox and Opera users too, just visit the URL in your preferred browser. A bookmarklet is available for browsers that aren't supported. :)

I use for this feature. It works fine and even can hold all the sites I want to mail together so I will only receive one mail. There is an addon for firefox and chrome.

That looks useful. I use a mailto: shortcut on my toolbar but it opens my default email client.
The emailthis browser function mentioned here sends the whole web page without ads or frills. I like to use both.

Thanks Rob but no thanks.
It's available for Firefox too, but unlike at the Chrome Store, at AMO the Privacy Policy is is far more visible.