Normalise Your MP3 Files So They All Play At The Same Volume


A few years ago I ripped my CD collection into MP3 format.  Along with songs I've also collected from other sources, I have thousands of tracks stored on my computer.  Trouble is, if I want to play a collection of songs I'm continually having to adjust the volume control, because some are much louder than others.

This isn't always a problem if I'm at home, but can be awkward if I'm in my office.  I need to keep the noise from the speakers low, so as not to disturb people in neighbouring rooms.

If your MP3 collection has a similar problem, try a program called MP3 Gain.  You can get it from and it runs under all recent versions of Windows (32- and 64-bit).  

The program is free, and VirusTotal assures me that it's clean too.




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