The New Look Gizmo's Freeware Website is now Online


Gizmos Freeware logoWe've just updated the Gizmo's Freeware Website to make it better for you.

About 10 days ago I told you that we were updating Gizmo's Freeware to make it friendlier to the large number of people who now access the site from mobile devices. In the process we were also giving the site a cleaner, more modern look with more graphics and simplified navigation. Our plan was not only to make the site better for mobile users but for our desktop users as well.

I'm pleased to announce the new-look website is now online. The transition from the old site was fairly painless though we did spend most of last week sorting out the bugs. As of now, the site is pretty well sorted with only a bit of apple polishing remaining to be done.

Although we have a new look, the mission of Gizmo's Freeware remains unchanged and our commitment to you, our regular users is undiminished. Also unchanged is our focus on Desktop software. Sure, we are now more mobile friendly but our coverage of desktop software is as good as ever.

I do hope you like the new look site. Whatever you think, good or bad, please leave a comment as your opinion is more important to us than anything.

And if you have a mobile device please let us know how the site looks and functions on your phone or tablet.



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The old look was very basic and almost amateurish in appearance but in a strange way it was a good fit for a community site run by volunteers. The content of this site has always been first rate so a new look shouldn't impact on that. I hope the advertising that usually accompanies a change like this can be kept to moderate levels.

Sorry ... as much as I love this site, I have to agree with the suggestion to turn off the annoying new article announcement pop-ups! Otherwise, the revamp of the site is OK with me, especially the new look for mobile devices.

The new look of Gizmo's Freeware Website is indeed eye-catching and quite pleasing. The enhancements would be worthwhile and important even if mobile devices were not a consideration. I rely on this site and it just took a leap forward. Good job, nice work!

Dearest Gizmo Team:

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for the painful effort you went through to upgrade this website. If only you know how much benefit I have received due to the usage of this special site. This has been my lifelong walking "cane" as it were for few years, for Gizmo has helped me to find just what I needed online. I have been a "preacher" and "promoter" of Gizmo and many people have seen the benefit of exploring Gizmo site. Thank you for the heart work. I regularly visit your site every day. It is educational, it assists me, it informative, and very reliable in many ways. From a heart fill with deep appreciation, I thank you all who were involved with this project.


Thank you for your kind words Richard.:)
We sincerely hope everyone will enjoy the new site layout as much as we enjoyed creating it. MC - Site Manager.

Used new look onmy tablet -no problems. Thanks for the update.

I like the new look, with one exception . . . the text on white background is hard to read. It shows as GREY for me, rather than BLACK. I haven't tried it on any other device, but it's noticeable and disconcerting for me, as it makes it hard to read. First impression, otherwise is GOOD, and I like the "New Article" popup in the lower right corner.


I can read the text. But, I can feel my eyes straining, just a little. Inspect Element says that the text is #555. That, along with a very thin font, is apparently just a little too light, for me.

And, as I'm typing this comment, the edit field text is, again making my eyes strain, a little. This font size is a little too small for comfort.

There is a simple test for each and every website: Does one need to use Clearly to be able to read the text, or not? On this page, I have to use Clearly, which equals: Fail.
I do not wish to piss on your parade, so no more said.

I registered strictly to agree 100%. The typeface is too light. Not light vs dark, but light vs heavy. I'm on a 24" monitor and I have to squint in order to read the text. Please rethink your typographic choice. Thank you.

I also have a 24" monitor on this desktop (BenQ 1920 x 1080) and despite having way less than perfect vision and sitting in front of it for most of the day I have no difficulty with either the text font or contrast. MC - Site Manager.

See also:

Re: Your last line and link
Having looked at uxmovement, I appreciate the irony of your "See also". The drop in designing standards is quite palpable, but within the context of a much larger decline, admittedly marginal and of little consequence. I am not talking about "new" being "bad". I just call out bad for what it is.

It's very hard to find new comments, there used to be a red 'new' showing.

Great looking site upgrade. Seems common sensical enough for me. Thanks.
With so much software available it's easier to pick the platform and OS for a solution than wading through all the stuff that is N/A in a particular solution category..

I love the new site! Great Job!

Very pretty. Please remove the pop-ups. That silly box that says new article is VERY annoying. I dislike animation and pop-ups. Otherwise very pretty.

Nice font & typeface/size. Really well on 23" led monitor. Good spacing in likes. Little popup in lower right corner about New Article is a mod touch found on many news sites. Thanks

70 year old eyes need to expand the screen on my s4 mini but dammit the title bar expands as well.
This would not be a problem if it scrolled with the rest of the page, but no it just covers more of the page.
Am I doing it wrong or does that happen on other devices?

Nice, clean site. Good use of white space. I always have to object to the use of gray fonts on white, though. I have 66 year old eyes and, while I don't need glasses yet, reading gray on white is not comfortable compared to good old black. Stylish and pretty? I suppose. Practical? Not for us oldies.

Interactive design would have been much better for mobile devices/tablets, but it is more expensive, especially for a free site like this one. The site is usable on my Nexuis 5, but I have to expand and scroll sideways, less than optimal but OK.

Many thanks for your kind comment GavinRB99. Great if you can post a link at our forum below to the page where you need to scroll sideways. Our aim is to make all pages responsive to small screens but there may be some pages with big tables that need to reformat.

Great to see all the updates, but lets not forget all those who hate change. I know a guy who still has a Win 98SE and MSDOS 6.22. I had to show him how to use new programs that do work on old devices and he liked the links yo had on old archives.
He just bought a new computer (new to him) Windows XP Pro. Maybe in his 95 year on Earth he will make it to Linux.
Great site!

Love the new look! Thank you, also, for all the work you do putting together a web site like this. This is the first (and usually only) place I go for the latest and best freeware.

Very clean and nice. Thank you for your hard work over all these years. This site is the first place I go to look for decent free software.

Personally, I'm not fond of the new design, especially the new front-page. I prefer the simplicity of the old one.

Love the new look! Gizmo's, my go-to website for freeware.

This is great. And search actually works now for me - it didn't for years - including advanced search options. Excellent.

Doesn't word wrap when zooming in on this (old) Nexus 7 tablet.
Maybe I'm .missing something.

Thanks for your kind feedback iun. It would be great if you post a screenshot at our forum below for us to check out.

Some may have noticed around the web the same sort of thing happening at a lot of websites. Google has changed the way their ranking system assigns rank to pages and/or websites. If the site does not offer or have the ability for phones, tablets and other little devices that people access the internet and the world wide web with their site could fall a considerable amount on the Almighty Gnoogle Search and Divulge your private info Engine ranking pyramid.(scam) Gizmo and his team have made it look almost seamless. Though, like a lot of sites, even money says behind the scenes somebody was pulling out what few strands they had left.
Nice job by Ian and his crew, FWIW.

Very nice thanks.
I sometimes think it would be useful if the search box offered a platform specific search option - just a thought.