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if you're starting to run short of hard disk space on your PC, there are two solutions.  One, of course, is to add more.  And with 1TB drives now available for around $100 it's tempting to do just that.  But adding more disk space brings further problems.  How are you going to back up all those extra files?  Isn't it better to start by finding out why you're short of space, and perhaps trying to free up some storage by deleting or archiving stuff that isn't important?

Trouble is, of course, that Windows doesn't make it easy to find out where all your disk space has gone.  Though thankfully, there are some useful freeware utilities that can help you.  My favourite is simply called Scanner, and is produced by Steffen Gerlach.  You can find it at

It produces the sort of display you can see below, which shows the "video" folder on my PC.  Within that folder are 2 folders called Personal and "TV Recordings".  The blue part of the inner ring, and everything emanating from it, is the TV recordings part.  The green part of the inner ring is the Personal section.  By clicking any coloured section of the display I can drill down to other folders and see, instantly, where all the space is going.

I like Scanner because it's quick and simple.  It runs on Windows XP and above, and the download is just 0.2 MB.  You don't even need to install it - just download the zip file, unpack it, then double-click the scanner.exe file.  It also comes with a tiny text file which, when clicked, will add the necessary registry entries to make the facility available on right-click when you're viewing a folder within Windows Explorer. 


Gerlach Scanner


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