A very fast and reliable PDF viewer supports not only PDFs, but also XPS, Open XPS and CBZ files


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Fast and reliable text rendering. Solid text-reflow option. Supports PDFs, XPS, Open XPS and CBZ files. Can fill interactive PDF forms.
Occasional hiccups with really big and complex PDF files. The zooming function could be a little better.

Our Review:

MuPDF is a very fast and reliable PDF viewer that supports not only PDFs, but XPS, Open XPS and CBZ files as well.

The interface is as simple as you could expect, but it gets the job done and because of that simplicity you won't get your screen clogged with things you do not need to see while reading.

MuPDF has no problem handling encrypted PDF files; it also can show embedded notations and comments effortlessly. The text rendering is great and fast; if you have a screen with a high ppi, you will notice how good and detailed the text is.

Even though the app proved to be stable, there were some occasional hiccups while reading PDF files with many pages that contained big images or extensive comments. Nonetheless, those issues were not a common thing and did not play a major role in the app's performance especially because most of the PDF readers had the same issues when loading big PDF files.

Because it is just a viewer, MuPDF does not have notation tools and such, but it has a keyword search along with a very solid text-reflow option. If you need to print a file, you will be happy to know that MuPDF is compatible with Google Print and it can fill interactive PDF forms, too.

Despite being really simple, MuPDF is a great viewer and the support for XPS and OXPS makes it better. We only wish the app had more constant updates because, although solid, it could use some improvements in the zoom and the text reflow functions.

Besides the versions for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices, MuPDF is also available for desktop Windows and Linux systems.

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