The Most Detailed Hard Disk Usage Analyzer I've Ever Seen


A couple of years ago I wrote about a free command-line hard disk usage analysis program called Xinorbis.  You'll find the original story at if you're interested.  At the time, I pointed out that only the command-line version was free, and that you'd need to shell out $5.50 if you wanted the Windows version.

The good news is that things have changed.  All versions of Xinorbis are now free.  And the even better news is that, if you really want to explore the contents of your hard disk (or someone else's, if perhaps you're trying to help them find where all the space has gone), then you simply won't find a better utility.

Whether you're trying to find duplicated files, or to sort your files by size or category, or just about anything else, Xinorbis has a graph, chart, list or table that will help you find the answers you're looking for, with just a few clicks.  It's an incredibly useful troubleshooting tool, and is only a 7.5 MB download too.

I tested it under Windows 8.1 but it should work under all recent versions.  And it's malware-free too, according to Web of Trust and VirusTotal.

Get your copy of Xinorbis from and see what you think.




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I'm Paul, the developer of Xinorbis. Thanks for the review, it's always nice to see that someone is using something that you've spent hundreds of hours working on.

I didn't know about the McAfee rating, but I assure you that the installer and zip files are free from all bad things!

If you have any comments or suggestions then PLEASE, PLEASE, email me. The software gets download 1000 times a day (and that's just from my site), but I get very little feedback (or *cough* donations *cough*). I know it's not perfect, and the manual needs updating, so please send me your comments, good or bad!

What features are missing? What would you like to see added next?


Thanks Paul for contacting us.
After Rob advised us, I have been using portable version of Xinorbis every time I have to manage my files.
I am going back to your web site and see how to make a donation (according to my possibilities. I am retired now).
Thanks for your efforts to develop this application.


McAfee Site Advisor reckons the link given for the download is suspicious - anyone had any issues with it?

McAfee Site Advisor is and always has been riddled with false positives and as a reliable tool IMO it is practically useless. You can employ a far better range of options when checking out a file or website link. MC - Site Manager.

Thanks MidnightCowboy for the useful links!


I have been using Xinorbis for a few months and it is extremely informative. "User manual years ago" what, it does what it does and extremely well.

Thanks Rob.
This is the most complete disk usage analyzer I have used.
I downloaded the portable version. Works OK.


WOW!! User manual is over 70 pages. Should be everything you wanted to know about disks but were afraid to ask. Oh wait a minute, someone wrote that book years ago.