This Mini Spreadsheet Runs in Your Browser or Mobile

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Tinysheet is a simple, well designed browser and mobile spreadsheet app that's useful for anyone who uses spreadsheets on a small scale.

If you use Excel or Google Sheets to calculate small formulas (splitting bills, to-do lists, compound interest) here's a lightweight, private mini spreadsheet that runs on mobile and in your browser. Ten rows, two columns and most math operators make it easy to run numbers. The mobile version has a useful touch bar, the browser version uses manual input.

Tinysheet loads lightning fast, and has most functions you need including cell references and ranges, SUM(), AVERAGE(), percentages, and nested formulas. You can create a new spreadsheet, or duplicate the current one. Tinysheet also creates a shareable URL.

If you're looking for a small, fast, private spreadsheet app that you can take with you or use in your browser, give Tinysheet a try.


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I tried first in my laptop. Dissapointed. You have to remember Excel formulas.
I tnen tried to install app in my Android phone (to use touch bar you mention). It is not in Play Store...