This Message Will Self Destruct (Website of the Week)


This Message Will Self Destruct (TMWSD) " a secure messaging service where messages sent are encrypted, securely transferred, and automatically deleted when they are retrieved." Brilliant.

A little more detail from the site:
"TMWSD is a secure, auto-deleted messaging service.
This means two things:
 - We encrypt your message before we store it.
-  The first time the message is retrieved we delete the encrypted content.
We didn't stop there, however. We added the ability to restrict access by password. You don't need to worry about your password either, because in this case we never actually store it. Instead we hash it using a heavy-duty hashing utility (bcrypt). As an added bonus, if you provide a password we salt the encryption key with it for even more security. This means that without the password no one can decrypt your secret message, not even us."

I'll leave the reasons you'd like to use this service for you to ponder. :)

Visit This Message Will Self Destruct (TMWSD)
Since is a really long domain name, here are two  shorter links you can use:"




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It looks simple to me (NO comments please ) if you use the service without an account, just type your message, click 'SAVE THIS MESSAGE' then copy and paste the URL into your email then send it. Just make sure the recipient has good eyesight as the text is helluva small.

How to use:
1. Go to the site and type your message in the white area.
2. Make sure the "I accept the terms of Service." is checked.
3. Enter the email address of the recipient of your message.
6. To test:
A. Copy the URL that appears.
B: Paste the URL in the address bar & click enter.
C. Read the message yourself ONE TIME ONLY.
8. Or don't test and the person will an email with a the URL.
9. The recipient can open the URL and read the message one time.

zep321: Create a message (or not) and click 'SAVE THIS MESSAGE'. The next page will clarify.

I don't get it.

I went to the website and I see that you create a message which is encrypted and protected by a password. Then what? Do you just look at it when you feel like? Can you send it to someone? How do you do that?
Either I'm very dense or I'm missing something. Please help.

Same here. So, I email the link to a person and they click on it to read it? I think that's how it works. Guess it will work if you're at work and your emails are read by tech support, but then again.