Mercury Browser


Mercury Browser

A web browser with a big amount of settings and options you can think of, plus Ad Blocker and Download manager.


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Pros & Cons:

Fast, vast amount of options and features.
Not all features worked, unstable at times.

Our Review:

Main features accroding to manufacture:

  • Mercury is the most advanced and elegant web browser for mobile devices. 
  • The rich feature set includes: Themes; Download; Full-screen Browsing; File Sharing; Adblock; Tabs; Multi Touch Gestures; User Agent Switcher; Private Browsing; Passcode Lock; Save Page; Facebook/Twitter integration and a lot more.

Mercury web browser is a very interesting option. Mercury’s theory is to make a web browser for iOS that is more like a full desktop browser rather than a cut down version.

Mercury browser installs quickly and opens as quickly as any other browser I have reviewed. There is no tutorial to get the user started, which would have been a good idea because of the vast amount of features available. The first thing that struck me was that it’s very cluttered and not well designed for mobile devices. However, Mercury has thought of this and has a full screen option that hides all buttons and allows the browser to use most of the display.

Web pages load very quickly and are rendered perfectly. Mercury has an option called Readability that reloads a web page and makes it more comfortable to read. This works very well on web pages that contain mostly text, such as Wikipedia. However, Readability didn’t work on some websites I tested it with. It would also occasionally crash and close the browser for no apparent reason.

The big plus side to the Mercury browser is the amount of settings available. Just about any options you can think of are available. For example: Gestures; Brightness; Passcode; Scroll Bar; Set Home Page; to name but a few. There are quite a few full desktop browsers that don’t have the amount of settings Mercury has. OK, the average user will probably not use most of these options, but I would rather have them than not.

My favorite feature of Mercury browser is the Ad Blocker setting. When this is enabled it will block all adverts on a web page. This is a fantastic feature because there is nothing more annoying than having loads of ads filling a website on a mobile device.

Mercury also comes with a Downloads manager. Anyone who has used a desktop web browser will know how useful this is. Mercury also has very good integration with Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter.

There is no other browser that has the vast amount of features as Mercury. Although I found some features didn’t work correctly and the browser felt quite unstable at times, these problems will hopefully get fixed and this will result in very good alternative browser.

Mercury Browser was reviewed by on based on version 8.7.2.