A good choice for advanced users who need a comprehensive set of tools with automatic detection of interlacing or telecine.


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Pros & Cons:

Most comprehensive set of features, actively developed and updated, good presets.
Designed for experts rather than beginners, not designed to encode from optical disks directly.

Our Review:

MeGUI is the favorite choice of advanced users. This GUI has the most comprehensive set of tools, it is the most flexible, and it integrates advanced features like automatic detection of interlacing or telecine.

The presets are very good, the program updates itself on a very regular basis, and it has interesting options like "one click encode" that makes the job easier for beginners.

One thing I did not like with MeGUI is that there are so many options that make it easy to do something wrong and mess up the encoding.

MeGUI was reviewed by on based on version 2.356.