Meet My New Favourite Freeware For Viewing Large Text Files


I've spent much of today tracking down the solution to a problem that was causing some log files to grow much too quickly.  This was as part of my day job, in which I look after a collection of Microsoft SharePoint servers.  For some reason, these files were growing by around 2000 lines every second, which equates to around 1 GB of data every hour.

Windows Notepad doesn't like editing files of that size.  And to be frank, I didn't really need to edit them anyway.  I just needed a simple, free program for viewing and searching large files.  And while I'd previously used (and indeed recommended) Large Text File Viewer (, it was proving too slow at searching.

So, meet my new favourite freeware Windows program for viewing and searching large text files.  It's called Glogg, and you'll find it at as a 4.7 MB download.  It's malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust, and runs on Windows XP upwards (I used it on 8.1).  It loads quickly, and its ability to split off your search result hits into a separate screen is also very useful.  Plus, if you're into such things, it even supports regular expressions to fine-tune your searches.

If you ever have to search through large text files, or you think you might have to do so in the future, put Glogg on your PC now.  You won't regret installing this very useful tool.




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So... what was causing the log files to increase in size so quickly?

Up until now, I had dragged-and-dropped such files into Chrome. Loads up the whole thing and is completes searchable, but this may be worth a look.


Keith R

I use DocPad ( It has been able to take formatted files that Notepad won't touch and convert them into plain text files thousands of lines in size.

It also has complete search functions, formatting options, and a complete spell check routine that comes with both pre-defined words and a place to add your own words to the dictionary.

Have a look at Editpad Lite as well: It's free for personal use.

It handles huge files, also supports regular expressions, and is well supported.

[Reference to commercial version removed.]