An AR measuring tool lets you estimate the length and height of objects.


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License: Free

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Clean user interface with no ads, metric and imperial systems, saving and sharing.
Locked points sometimes move away from the object measured.

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The Measure is a measuring app developed by Google for you to measure the length and height of an object with your smartphone camera by using augmented reality technology.

The app starts with simple steps and tips to guide you through on the screen. To start using the app, aim your phone camera at a textured surface and move your phone slowly from left to right. After it detects the surface, tap a plus sign to mark the beginning of the measurement, then tap a tick sign to complete when you have moved your phone camera towards the end of the object.

The results are live as you measure, with a line drawn alongside the measuring units, which can be either in inch, ft/in, or meter/centimeter.

As disclosed by Google, all measurements taken with this app are estimates. You can save the measuring results and share them instantly with your contacts

The good thing about this app is that its user interface is clean, has no ads and is free for use, handy and convenient when what you need is just an estimate, before resorting to a physical measuring tape for more accuracy.


Use This Google App To Measure An Object Without A Measuring Tape

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