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McAfee WebAdvisor

A solid website advisor but unexceptional


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Pros & Cons:

Works with many search engines; good site report; generally fast; McAfee crawl the web scanning sites.
No blocking; limited user ratings.

Our Review:

I found McAfee WebAdvisor (formerly McAfee SiteAdvisor) to be solid but unexceptional. It falls well short of WOT in its features, ratings, and safety. It just didn't warn me about enough bad websites which is surprising because the online check at McAfee Threat Intelligence does. Despite its average performance in detecting threats, it did find problems such as browser exploits that WOT was not aware of. I also like using the website report which includes a list of downloads and a diagram of linked sites.

Like WOT, it supports all the main English-speaking search engines plus several foreign-language portals. But compared with WOT, it runs on fewer systems and web browsers. It was slower. In most areas it has has fewer features. User ratings and comments are less useful and appear to be totally ignored for rating purposes anyway. I couldn't even challenge errors of fact that other users had made. A small irritation in search results is that its icon was obscured by the Web Security Guard icon and itself obscured other icons (M86 Secure Browsing, Norton Safe Web).

If you already use McAfee products then there will be some synergy such as using your existing registration. WebAdvisor is also one part of McAfee Web Security which also provides the SECURE trustmark and SECURE shopping for websites. I think that it suffers from being the least important part which is a problem common to several of these products that have commercial products for sale.

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