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Zen Flowchart is an easy to use online tool for making flowcharts, organization charts, process charts, sitemaps and more. Create a new node with a single click, or link separate nodes easily with smart connectors in a clean uncluttered interface.

Zen Flowchart is a lightweight tool for creating flow charts of many kinds. It has a clean, minimal interface and basic features. It shines in quickly making nodes for charts in one click. Customization options are basic, you can change the color of a node, the font size (12 - 72 pts), and change the font to bold, italic, or underline. Changes are saved automatically whenever a change is made to the chart. The nodes are resizable and can be repositioned anywhere on the page. You can export charts as a PNG or publish them to a unique URL that you can share. If you publish a document an option to unpublish appears which removes the chart from the unique URL.

The free account has a limit of three documents at any one time. If you delete a document from the page and then delete it in the Trash folder, you can create more documents.
Charts on free accounts can have up to 20 nodes.

If you're new to flow charts, this article is a good start: All you need to know about flowcharts—what they are and how to use them.
Directions on how to use Zen Flowchart: How to use Zen Flowchart.

Zen Flowchart is great for easily creating charts if you don't need a lot of features. Its strength is the ability to create nodes with one click and easily add text and color. It's easy to resize nodes and move them around the page. If you don't need a lot of documents with more than twenty nodes, it's a great choice.

Zen Flowchart

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