Manage Your Tasks With Todoist For Free


Todoist free todo listTodoist ( is an online system that helps you manage your tasks and to-do items. Keep track of what needs doing today, this week, this month, or yesterday! And to ensure that you always have your information to hand, you can access the system from your PC as well as using a dedicated Android or iOS app.

The full service costs around $30 a year, but the basic package is free. This gives you 80 projects (sets of to-do items, such as movies to watch or things to buy). Adding filters or labels, however, requires the upgrade.

If you're still considering going high-tech to manage your daily life, give Todoist a try. Especially if you're currently using Wunderlist, as Microsoft has announced that they will soon shut down that service.

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I highly recommend Todoist. I have been using it for about a year now. It allows you to set up 4 layers of projects and tasks, and as many labels as you want. The labels function like tags. You can schedule in advance, you never lose anything. Great product, though I'd love it if it tracked time on task.

Microsoft bought Wunderlist? And they're shutting it down?? Wow. That used to be one of the biggest todo / list-maker apps for Android. Oh, well. Progress??

Sort of. They're spinning it off into something new, which they only recently put in preview: