Manage Your iPad Files From Windows Without iTunes


If you're lucky enough to have an iPad, you'll know that the recommended way to copy files to and from it is via iTunes.  Trouble is, while the iPad itself is a wonderful device, iTunes is a bloated, inefficient app that mainly exists in order to try to sell you downloadable content for your device.

If you want to browse and copy the files on your iPad and you don't want to use iTunes, thankfully help is at hand.  There are some useful programs around which allow you to do this, one of which is called DiskAid.  Once installed, you can copy files from (and in some cases to) your iPad from your Windows PC.  You can also browse the device's file system and view what's already on it, including installed apps.

Although the program doesn't need iTunes, it does need one of the device drivers from within iTunes.  You'll therefore need to download (but not install iTunes), extract a couple of files from the download, and run those on your PC before you can use DiskAid.  It only takes a few minutes and is fully explained on the DiskAid site.

You can get DiskAid from  The Windows download is 4 MB, and is clean according to VirusTotal.  

The program is free, but there's also a registered version available for $25 which has additional features.  It's worth noting that, if you are in education (student or staff) and have an academic email address ending in .edu, and so on, you can get a licence for free.  Again, details are on the web site.




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DigiDNA, the makers of DiskAid, have changed their URL to to hawk their new commercial product. And i can't find any other URL for the free DiskAid itself except an entry on their download page:;

They do have a support/FAQ for the free DiskAid here:

I am looking for a way to view IPad files on my desktop. I have many ebooks that will only play on IPad. Is there a way to play these files on my PC Win 7? shanekoonce