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Hubspot CRM imageIf you're a business person, you may already be familiar with the term CRM. It stands for Customer Relationship Management. It basically means keeping a database of people you do business with, so that you can record notes about them, automatically send mailshots to them, and ensure that you have all the relevant information to hand.

Commercial CRM systems are generally expensive, difficult to use, or both. But Hubspot CRM is a rare exception to the rule. It's easy to use, and is completely free. Even if you have thousands of contacts.

Whether you're keeping track of customers, clients, family members, friends, members of a club or group, or just about anything, a CRM system may be just what you need. And with Hubspot being free and browser-based, it's really quick and easy to try out. Just sign up at and you'll be up and running in a couple of minutes.


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Comments it really too much to ask that before posting a link to a single bad review you do a simple google search to see if the product generally gets GOOD reviews??. In this case googling "Hubspot Reviews" would have led to a number of mentions including this site: where the reviews that number near 1,000 are uniformly positive. Know nothing about that review site but it SEEMS legit. If not I am sure a poster will let us all know. But glowing reviews there for Hubspot.

Well, I can't get in to view the features without signing up. That is a mighty negative for me

My only problem with free, web-based stuff like this is when they suddenly "end", w/o warning & the info is not transferable to another CRM.

There's also this big, "uh-oh":

Your reference is to a single review from 3 years ago that seems disjointed while making little sense. Regardless, with any free software of this type you have to wonder how secure your data will actually be. I wouldn't use this for anything financially based but for managing club activities and things of that nature I think it could be useful.

Not the most eloquent rant, but it's a neg & no one has been so happy they wrote a good review, even a disjointed one.

Rob and the rest of the staff are usually pretty good at doing the research before they recommend any software so unless there is additional negative feedback I won't place a flag against this product.

No worries. My negs are here to guide.

The issue is that this service is VERY specific as to who it fits. (Who?)

Maybe a post of where it MOST fits? No one wants to plop clients where it might fail/end.