Manage Your Browser Bookmarks With This Free Program


Organize, annotate or store your browser bookmarks (favorites) using this versatile, free program.

'With Linkman Lite you can store, organize and annotate your favorite Internet pages. Linkman Lite efficiently handles large amounts of URLs by using a database to store your links. You can easily add links from all browser windows and retrieve keywords and descriptions automatically. The user interface is highly customizable. You get the capability to import and synchronize from existing bookmark collections and export bookmarks in a variety of formats. Linkman Lite supports multiple versions of ten different Windows browsers.'

Linkman Lite stands out in handling bookmarks quickly and efficiently. It handled a 10,000+ duplicate bookmark search and subsequent organizing without a hitch (my bookmarks really needed weeding). Smaller amounts of bookmarks are handled much faster. The current version of Linkman Lite (and Pro) do not support exporting Firefox 3 bookmarks in their native format. A workaround is to export them in another format and import them into Firefox 3. This is its main drawback, which is tiresome at best, though I thought the program made up for it in its ease of use and rapid response.

Linkman comes in two versions, Lite and Pro. The main difference between the two is the Pro version has a URL validation and page change check feature. However, Links can also by checked by using the program Best Free Bookmark Cleaner, recommended here at Gizmo's Freeware.

The Lite version is free for private non-commercial use as well as for use in charity organizations and educational use. A 100 page Linkman PDF manual is available for download and there's a video tutorial on the site.

Linkman runs on Win9x/Win2k/WinXP/Vista/Win7
Link Manager

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