Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts in Your Browser


Checker Plus Gmail browser extension

Manage single or multiple Gmail and Google Apps accounts from your browser with this add-on for Firefox and Chrome.

If you want to keep an eye on your Gmail and get notifications, read, delete, listen to email from your browser without opening a page for Gmail this is a great way to do it.
Whether you have one or or more Gmail accounts this extension brings some useful features to view and manage your email right from your browser.

Checker Plus has some features I wish Gmail had. Using it, you can see the people emailing you (just like Gmail chat) and show their contact photos or your assigned photos for them. Notifications are customizable, from choosing a notification sound from the ones provided or uploading your own, push or text notifications, viewing contact photos, and setting the interval mail is checked from 15 seconds to every 5 hours. View videos, group or ungroup conversations, open any link in an email in a new browser background tab, and opt to have mailto links open with Gmail. Show the 'Send and Archive' and Send and Delete' button, auto advance to newer or older messages or the conversation list, use categories and labels, and change the unread count color. There are several display options and some useful do not disturb configurations (including syncing across accounts). You can turn 'always display external images' on or off, use the 24 hour time display, and one of my favorites, hide email signatures from the summary like 'Sent from...' or a signature from a free anti virus company.

Checker Plus needs access to your Gmail account so it can work. The specific, minimal permissions allow Checker Plus to:
- View and modify your mail in Gmail
-  Move mail to Spam/Trash but not instantly delete forever
- Create, update, and delete labels
- Compose and send new email
- View your settings (e.g., filters and labels)
If you want more information check the TOS (Terms of Service) and Permissions and Privacy Policy. These are the same permissions needed to access Gmail through a third party email client like Thunderbird.

All in all Checker Plus is a great add-on, but an issue I ran into which some may find useful is that emails in Checker Plus show up with categories and labels applied, apparently automatically.
The only labels visible in my Gmail settings are Inbox, Sent, Drafts, All Mail, Spam, and Trash. In Checker Plus, the only label checked is Inbox. With all those categories and labels unchecked, labels for promotions, social and forums still appear in Checker Plus.

Another useful Gmail add-on I ran across is Simplify Gmail. If you use the Gmail web interface in a browser and want a cleaner layout, give Simplify Email a look. It's available for Chrome and Firefox. The developer was Gmail's lead designer from 2008 to 2012 and co-founded Google Inbox. If you liked Inbox you'll probably like Simplify Gmail.

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