Make Your Own Sticker Packs for WhatsApp Easily With This Simple Tool


Sticker Maker

WhatsApp Messenger has been the most popular instant messenger in several regions of the world and it has introduced some new features in the recent releases. These include viewing a YouTube linked video picture-in-picture.

And one of the much awaited features is absolutely allowing stickers in addition to small emoji icons in a chat, despite the supported stickers are static and not animated as seen in other instant messengers like WeChat and Line.

Similar to other instant messengers, sending a sticker from WhatsApp is straightforward. Tap the emoji icon next to the text input field, then tap the sticker icon at the bottom of the screen and pick one of the stickers to respond in a chat.

By default, WhatsApp lets you download and use a bundle of 12 nicely built sticker packs, like Cuppy, Merry and Bright, Salty, etc., but you can add more of your own. There is now an overwhelming number of sticker apps for WhatsApp available from the Play store and App store.

But if you don't like those apps with ready-made sticker packs, you can also make your own stickers and add a pack to WhatsApp easily with some sticker creators or editors, such as this excellent one known as Sticker Maker for Android.

With Sticker Maker, you can fully personalize your sticker packs from just one app, and add sticker packs to WhatsApp easily, with each pack that can contain up to 30 stickers editable by you from time to time.

Sticker MakerSticker Maker




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