Make Your Own Customized Bootable Linux Live CD (or USB Stick)


Recent versions of Ubuntu and other Linux distros can be set up to create “persistent” live CDs and USB flash drives where your data is saved across sessions.

That’s nice but what if you want to preserve your wallpaper, theme, custom drivers, apps and general system configuration?  In other words, have a live CD or USB where Linux is configured specifically to your personal taste and requirements.

This may sound like wishful thinking but there is an open source program called Remastersys designed to do exactly this job. 

Remastersys is a tool for Ubuntu or Debian-based systems that allows you to make a full system backup to a live CD or DVD. By using other tools like Unetbootin you can also create a bootable live USB flash drive from the ISO created by Remastersys.

To use Remastersys you need to have an installed working version of Ubuntu or other Debian-based Linux distro, presumably one you have already customized to your needs.

Full instructions how to use Remastersys can be found here:

I’m only a novice at Linux but I managed to create my own customized live USB flash drive with only a couple of minor hiccups. Even so, I wouldn’t recommend Remastersys to complete Linux novices.

Now my flash drive loads a version of Linux that looks just like the way I want it to look and with the programs and tools that I need. That's the way it ought to be.




Download link:
Download size: 168KB
System requirements: Installed version of Ubuntu or other Debian-based Linux distro

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