Make Your Google Drive Or FTP Site Work Like Any Windows Drive


One of the nice things about cloud storage services such as Dropbox, is that there's a free client program that you can download.  These programs typically create a folder or drive letter on your PC which makes it very easy to access your files in the cloud.  The mapped folder or drive letter on your PC is really your cloud storage, and you can drag and drop files between cloud and PC very easily.

Not all cloud-based systems have such software available though.  You need to use a web interface or a generic FTP program to access them.  However, there are a handful of programs around which can map a standard Windows drive letter to such services, thus making them easy to access.

One such program is NetDrive.  It can connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, any FTP server you care to point it at, and a host of other services too.  In the case of FTP, this means that you can have a drive letter on your PC which represents the storage on your web site, thus making it incredibly easy to transfer files between the 2.  Just use Windows Explorer or any other similar program to drag and drop them.

NetDrive is available at and is a 49 MB download.  The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  Prices start at $40 after the 30-day evaluation period ends. However, after the evaluation period, the program will continue to work and will allow you a single connection. So if you only need to create one external drive letter, such as to your web site or your Google Drive, the program still remains very useful indeed.



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There is a free alternative, which is safe according to virustotal.
You can mount these drives assigning a drive letter too.

A big problem with assigning a drive letter to your cloud storage is that malware like CryptoLocker and CryptoWall will infect your cloud files as well.

Does NetDrive support SFTP?
CyberDuck does

For those of us who only have one account it is Freeware!

I thought this was a freeware site...

Cyberduck might not be as elaborate, but it is freeware.