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There is a very useful feature in the right-click context menus of all current versions of Windows that is often overlooked. It is “Send To” and it has a number of helpful functions.  But “Send To” can be made much more useful with a free app that I have been using for years. It is called “Send To Toys” and it adds some functions that make “Send To” a powerful help in a number of common Windows tasks.

The utility can be downloaded from this link at the publisher’s site.  It is regularly maintained and is now in version 2.71. It is described as applicable in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 and has a 64-bit version. I have used it in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Installing "Send to Toys"

The installation is straightforward. Download and click the 1.8 MB exe file. You may have to grant administrator privileges. Select the language you want (English, German, French, Spanish, or Italian). After some standard installation dialogs, you will get a “Select Components” dialog. Leave everything checked and click “Next”. You will be able to configure components in a dialog that appears later, as shown in Figure 1. After installation, this dialog will also be available from Control Panel, where you will find "Send To Toys" listed. 

Configuring the "Send to" menu

Figure 1. Settings for "Send to" 
Selecting components for Send To Toys

As Figure 1 shows, there are various tabs for configuring the functions that are available in the right-click "Send to" menu. The "Send To" tab is selected in Figure 1 and provides for the additon or removal of a default set of destinations from the right-click menu. I find the "Folder..." option to be especially useful. It allows you to choose any folder you want for a particular copy or move operation. Figure 3 below shows some additional options for the "Folder..." target.

If you want to tidy up the "Send to" menu and choose to remove some components, one shortcoming of this app is that they cannot be restored except by re-creating the deleted shortcut in the SendTo folder, as described in a previous tip.   

Still more versatility is provided when you click the "Add" button in Figure 1. Clicking "Add" opens Figure 2. Here you have a way to add a folder, drive, or program to the options. This is one way to have alternate methods of opening a file. I use this feature to make  Notepad++ an option for opening any file by "sending" the file to Notepad++.

Figure 2. Adding folders, drives, or programs to "Send to"
Add to Send to

The Folder tab allows you to configure which folder is the default in the “Folder…” option that I mentioned above. Figure 3 shows the settings.

Figure 3. Settings for "Folder..." option  
Folder options

The tab "Clipboard" opens the dialog shown in Figure 4. This provides for sending file and folder path names to the clipboard. I find this quite useful in writing scripts or articles.

Figure 4. Clipboard settings for "Send to" 
Clipboard settings for Send To Toys

Personally, I don't use the last tab, "Default Mail Recipient".

All in all, the extra features added to "Send to" make this one of my favorite utilities. 

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Microsoft has a downloadable registry edit that works great with Win 8x64 (works with Win 7 too, both for 32 and 64 bit). Adds "Copy to.." and/or "Move to.." to a right click and you pick your destination.